„International party@cocainn”

Renginys Sausio 13 d. Vilniuje

Renginys Vilniuje - International party@cocainn

Every Saturday in Cocainn club you will meet all student foreigners Erasmus students International students and Vilnius visitors and friends from all over the world. Here we communicate, entertain and meet not only local but also the guests of Vilnius and have fun together until the morning! Best cocktails, bar show, fun people for all over the world, and best saturday party mood in Vilnius! You won't go sleep till the sun goes up because in dance floor you will hear best dance music! Smile and dance - Its INTERANTIONAL PARTY IN COCAINN CLUB! Doors open : 22:00 Entry free till 24:00 (For Erasmusss, International students and mentors entrance free all night) You will find us: Vilnius. Gedimino pr.2a

Į šį renginį Sausio 13 d. Vilniuje eis 1 žmonių(ės)! Šiuo renginiu Sausio 13 d. Vilniuje susidomėjo 7 žmonių(ės)!

Renginys Sausio 13 d. Vilniuje | Renginys Vilniuje | Sausio 13 d. Vilniuje | Renginiai Klubas Cocainn Vilnius | Gedimino pr.2a

Kada vyks renginys Vilniuje - „International party@cocainn”?

Sausio 13 d.22:00 val.

Kur vyks renginys Sausio 13 d. Vilniuje - „International party@cocainn”?

Renginių vieta Sausio 13 d. Vilniuje - Klubas Cocainn

Klubas Cocainn:

Šiandien dirba: 22:00 val. - 06:00 val.

Renginio vieta žemėlapyje

Klubas Cocainn | Gedimino pr.2a, Vilnius

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