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„Balti Drambliai”

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Balti Drambliai - vegetarian beer bar with ancient basement and big outdoor cafe, grill nights, concerts, tea club, poetry evenings and other entertainment. Selection of beer, tasty pizzas and burgers, also falafels, stews and must try spicy milk tea.
Balti drambliai (White Elephants) is the oldest vegetarian cafe in Vilnius the capital city of Lithuania. It has been open for customers seeking alternative entertainment since the year 2001. We are located in the ancient dungeons of the XVI century Radvilas palace. After climbing down the stairs, you get the feeling as if you have travelled back in time. The interior is cosy and relaxing: authentic brick walls, comfortable wooden furniture, soft dusk, light incense aroma and statues of elephants everywhere you look. The music we play fits all tastes Jamaican reggae, Ethiopian jazz, Hindi bhajans, various rock, metal, old American blues and local underground music, depending on the atmosphere in the cafe on that day. The cafe has seven separate chambers including the bar area, private room for dinner parties, a secret balcony where no one can actually see you and four chambers with tables for dinner and different atmosphere in each one of them. As our loyal clients say - Balti drambliai is a real oasis of calm. We organize events like grill nights, underground concerts, tea club, poetry readings, reggae and jungle parties overnight and entertainment of various sorts. Our bar offers a selection of the finest local beer, a plenty of traditional Lithuanian liqueurs, more than twenty kinds of tea including a must try homemade spicy milk tea and much more oriental teas. Food menu is full of tasty pizzas, burgers and samosas, also falafels, stews and curries. Not to forget, traditional Lithuanian potato pancake with sour cream or curd. The king of deserts is our famous warm apple pie served with ice cream. Each day we offer a different type of special lunch menu (including soup, salad, curry, main course, bread and drink) for affordable price.

„Balti Drambliai” socialinėje platformoje mėgsta - 7299 , aplankė - 2718 žmonės.

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Sekmadienis: 12:00 - 00:00

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Tel. Nr.: 37065090469

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Vilniaus g. 41, Vilnius

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"Balti Drambliai" VIDEO:
Gunman - Maxx Banton @ Balti drambliai (White Elephant) Vilnius

"Balti Drambliai" VIDEO:
28.07.2017 ( 7 th. Event). Balti drambliai, Vilnius, LTU.

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